Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting Your Kids Involved with My Paper Pumpkin by Stampin' Up!

Some of my best stamping/scrapbooking memories are the times that my daughter would join me. We sometimes worked on projects together and other times we had our own thing to work on but either way, we always had fun. We "shared" tools and asked each other about which colours went together and it didn't even matter to me if I didn't accomplish as much as I should have. We always had a great time and the memories will last forever. 

These days however, my little crafter is on the verge of turning 16 and the only artistic thing she's got on her mind is what font she should use for her tatoo.  Ugh. And she certainly doesn't want to spend any more time with me than is absolutley necessary.

I have hope though. I know she enjoyed those days of stamping and colouring, cutting and pasting (even though she'd never admit it) and I believe that she'll come back to me one of these days and we'll spend afternoons together at the kitchen table working on our projects together. The one difference will be that she'll be old enough to join me in a glass of wine as well. 

I was thinking today about how much she would have LOVED Paper Pumpkin.
  • A colourful, beautiful box that arrives in the mail every month addressed to her? 
  • A fun project complete with detailed, easy to follow instructions.
  • A new colour(s) ink each month in "Stampin' Spot" size which is perfect for littler hands.
She would have loved it.  I bet your child would love it too!! 

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