Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Flight, a Kaleidoscope, a Rabble or a Swarm?

At Stamp Club on Tuesday night, one of the two beautiful cards we made used the Papillon Potpourri stamp set. Why it's called that, I don't know but we did learn that one of our Stamp Club members, Monisa, is terrified of butterflies (what?). Monisa bravely faced her fear though and created this stunning card.
The question came up, as we were working, if anyone knew what alot of butterflies was called. Monisa said "terrifying" but, because I am the Queen of Google, I had to look it up myself and find out the "scientific" term. Turns out, a group of butterflies would be called a flight, a kaleidoscope, a rabble or a swarm. Don't you think calling them a kaleidoscope makes them a lot less terrifying, Monisa?

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Mo said...

Um... No???