Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stamp Club - Raymond

We had another successful Stamp Club meeting last night.  We started with what is quickly becoming an almost weekly event for some of us.  $5 Wednesdays at St. Louis Wings & Ribs.  $5 burgers and $5 pints on the patio!

I introduced our project, a sweet little birthday card featuring "Raymond". Raymond is the name I've given to the Owl Builder Punch.  He just seems like a Raymond to me.  Just look at the great cards the girls created.

I love that everyone did their own version of the card. All similar but still unique.
The best part is how versatile Raymond can be. Always eager to please, he is easily manipulated into just what you want him to be. What a guy!

I love the frog!  His little sideways smile and check out his warts!
Thanks girls, for coming out.  Can't wait to see you next month!!

As always, if you are interested in joining us for Stamp Club, leave a comment, drop us an email or message us via facebook. We would LOVE to have you.

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