Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Too Juicy?

I love Google.

I have been struggling recently with my Stampin' Up! ink pads.  I even sent an email to Stampin' Up! with my own weird, little video (which I'm not gonna post here because it's weird).  My issues have been that my stamps are TOO JUICY!!  Could this even be a problem?  Did I get a bad batch?

Until the new In Colors came out a few months ago, I hadn't actually bought any new ink pads for quite a while. I have re-inkers for my most of my pads and they just seem to last forever. But these new ones? Wow! They hold so much ink. I googled "my ink pads are too wet" and found this video, directly from Stampin' Up! Apparently, it's totally normal. Who knew?  This is worth watching as there are a couple of other useful little hints for using the new and improved (a year ago - how the heck did I miss this??) Stampin' Up! ink pads.

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