Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthday Card Issues

I knew that I wanted to make a fun birthday card using the From The Herd stamp set from the 2015 Occasions catalogue and I absolutely wanted to pair it with the Let's Party stamp from the Cheerful Critters stamp set (also from the 2015 Occasions catalogue) but I didn't know what the card was going to look like so I just started playing.

One attempt ended up looking like this. Try not to fall asleep while you're looking at it.

Most boring card ever
The next attempt turned out like this...

Better, but still.....bor...zzzzzzzz
That dancing bird peaking out of the little hole in the "tree" I thought was cute but it's definitely missing something. Maybe it's the colours?  Maybe the Hardwood embossing is wrong? What would you do differently?

This is the inside.

Those crazy-eyed barnyard animals paired with the Let's Party stamp cracks me up but I need a serious Blendabilities lesson. What colour is a goat, anyway?

I think the card has definite potential but it needs some work. If I come up with something acceptable, I'll let you know.

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Darling Jee said...

I know I shouldn't be reading this at work but I am giggling like a maniac at my desk. Ssssshh!!!