Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Better Late Than Never

On July 15th, I blogged about my upcoming Punch Board Class.  I think I said something silly like, I'll be back tomorrow with another sample of what we'll be making.  

What I meant was I'd be back in about 2 weeks with another sample of what we'll be making. ;-) 

I've yet to find the "sweet spot" for preparing for a class.  Too late (my usual) and I feel rushed and don't enjoy the creative part of preparing and too early and I forget the details of the project when explaining it to the class.

Sigh.  I'll get the hang of this one of these days.

So.....Punch Boards.  Yeah.  How do I feel about Punch Boards......

Stampin' Up! has 3 different Punch Boards. The 1st one to join the family was the Envelope Punch Board. I fell in love immediately. I was blown away by all the cute and easy projects you could make with it. Envelopes (obviously), but also bigger envelopes to hold 3 or 4 cards, gift card holders, money holders even cute (I'm not sure what to call them) holders for things like silverware (place settings), candy canes and pens/pencils.  Really the possibilities go on and on.

The 2nd member of the Punch Board family was the Gift Box Punch Board. I did NOT fall in love immediately. In fact, last year at a Stampin' Up! event, there was a project using the Gift Box Punch Board and half way through, I just set "forget it" and gave up.  (But!  After the project I made last'll see it in a minute, I absolutely feel like the Gift Box Punch Board and I could learn to get along).

Then, earlier this year, the 3rd member of the family, the Gift BAG Punch Board was introduced. I bought this board during the demonstrator pre-order and was determined to master it. I even did a demonstration at a Stamp Camp this past Spring. I've made dozens of different sized gift bags and feel fairly comfortable with this Punch Board. We understand each other.

So now, I feel like I love the entire family. As is sometimes the case, the "first born" is still my favourite. I find the personalities of the other two boards a little complicated and sometimes, a little boring but I love them all in my own way. 

Punch Board class is coming up on Friday night. I still have room for one more if you're interested, please let me know by the end of today. Would you like a sneak peak of what we'll be working on?

This adorable card holder, made using the Envelope Punch Board,
will fit 3 or 4 of your handmade cards inside.
This is what I'm most excited to show you.
Made using the Gift Box Punch Board,
 it's a very cute box and quite large as well (4" x 4" I think). 
I will have more photos after the class and maybe (maybe) I'll attempt a video using the Gift Box Punch Board (I know we can learn to love each other).  

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!

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