Thursday, August 13, 2015


Ok, I'm a liar. Well, not really a liar as much as a mom desperate to spend time with her teenage daughter.  

My 15 lb. (!!) box of goodies from the Annual Holiday catalogue was waiting for me when I got home! I was so excited and had rushed right home after work and gotten there in record time!

My 17 year old daughter was home and, if you can believe it, WASN'T GOING OUT. Turns out, her boyfriend fell asleep at home after dinner and by the time he woke up, she wasn't interested in going out anymore. His loss is my win!!

"Mommy (yes, she still calls me mommy - I hope she never stops), do you want to watch a movie?"

I didn't even hesitate. If you have a teenager in your house you'll know exactly what I mean. An evening spent with them, no matter what else is going on in your life, is pure gold! You just don't turn an opportunity like that down. 

"Of course! Let me just get this box of Stampin' Up! stuff out of the way" I told her.  

There are very few things that I love more than a brand new box of Stampin' Up! goodies but my daughter is definitely at the top of the list of things that I do.

I quickly unpacked my goodies, but did manage to grab a couple of photos.

That's definitely not all of it.

This cool punch is brand new and very different from
Stampin' Up!'s regular punches.
I can't wait to try it out!
My daughter and I made ourselves comfortable on the couch, ate some dinner, discussed boyfriends and life and then settled in to watch Ouija, a horrible movie that was just scary enough that she didn't want to sleep in her own bed and ended up sleeping with me (yay!!). I am feeling so lucky and so blessed this morning! These times spent with my daughter are becoming more and more rare and I cherish every one of them.

Thanks for coming by today - sorry there's no video. I'll get it done tonight so I hope you'll come back tomorrow to have a look. 

Lastly, since it's Throwback Thursday and I'm feeling so blessed to be the mom of such an amazing young woman yet at the same time, missing the adorable little girl she used to be....

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