Monday, April 10, 2017

Yes It's Been Awhile

Again.  I seem to be very bad with this whole blogging thing lately and I'll share a little secret with that the nice weather is finally arriving...I'm only going to get worse. 

But I DO have some updates and things to share with you goes.

My daughter tuned 19 at the end of March. She is such an amazing kid and even though her teenage bitchiness moodiness still irritates me once in a while, I see the adult she is becoming and it makes me so happy. She celebrated by going "clubbing" with a couple of her girl friends and had a great time!

March's birthday card class was "intimate" with only 2 stampers but it was so fun. I actually love the smaller groups because I get more of a chance to just sit and chat and enjoy a couple of hours with them. Oh yeah, we made a couple of cute cards too.

April's birthday card class is approaching quickly (April 30th) so if you would like to join us, please let me know as soon as possible...I'll be prepping cards this weekend.

I did a private class on April 2nd with 9 people (phew!, I was running around that day) and then the following day, my mother-in-law passed away. She has not been in ideal health for a while now but it's still a very sad time and every once in a while I am overcome with remembering that we won't ever hear from her again. Saturday was her funeral and the spiritual part of me likes to believe that she quickly popped in to say goodbye. I was sound asleep at about 7:00 a.m. when our power went off for about 2 minutes. There was no storm, no wind...everything just shut off. It woke me up immediately and I thought to myself, bye mum.  I didn't know her that well as she lives in Northern Alberta so only spent time with her on a few occasions. My husband flew out the morning after she passed and just returned last night.  I'm so glad to have him home (but I will tell you that last week was the cleanest my house has been in 20 years). ;-)  

Speaking of Saturday, it was also the day for Stampin' Up!'s highly anticipated On Stage local event. I had registered back in February and have been so excited waiting for the day to get here. However, with my mother-in-law's funeral being held on the same day, I obviously could not attend On Stage.  I won't get into it here but I'll just say that I was extremely disappointed with Stampin' Up!'s response to my situation. I had so badly wanted to pass on my registration to someone else on my team but, that option was not permitted/available. This actually makes the 2nd On Stage event in a row that I have registered for and then could not attend. The first one, back in November was my choice (my daughter's high school graduation being held the same weekend) but this time, a death in the family is not something that can usually be predicted. I was very sorry (and more than a little upset) to not be able to pass on my ticket for someone else to enjoy. It's likely the last time I'll register for a Stampin' Up! event of this kind - it's definitely left a sour taste in my mouth.

However. One lovely woman, who I have never met (but plan on touching base with soon) was sitting with my team at On Stage, heard my story and decided that something had to be done. She spoke to Carrie from the Canadian Head Office and managed to GET ALL MY LOOT!  When you are a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and you attend any kind of Stampin' Up! event, there are always goodies. I was over the moon to meet up with my downline Anne yesterday and pick up my bagful of goodies - the new catalogue, some stamp sets, and a ton of other goodies including some AMAZING swaps that I will take photos of tonight and post here tomorrow. 

The new catalogue is a good one. I cannot post anything yet but I will be ready and as soon as I can, I'll be posting things here for you to see. 

Have a great week and a very happy Easter if you're celebrating this weekend.

PS - I have cancelled my Stampin' Up! website so please check in here for upcoming class dates or feel free to email me anytime at to get the latest updates.

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