Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Looooong Weeeekend

July 1st is Canada's 150th Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Canada!!  You look great!

As a Canadian, we are very lucky to enjoy an extended summer weekend to celebrate and I am REALLY looking forward to some R & R.  My energy seems to be at an all-time low lately for some reason and I haven't accomplished any of things on my "summer to-do" list...nevermind getting any cardmaking or other crafting done.

But!  BUT!!  I am definitely going to carve out some time and boost up my energy and focus on my new Love Today Planner Kit which I received (I'm embarrassed to admit) a couple of WEEKS ago. It's still in the box but I'm dying to get started.  

In October I will be turning 52 years old (how in the heck did that happen?) and I have all of a sudden realized that I only have 8 years remaining to meet my goals so that I can live my "retire at 60" dream.  I've already started writing on little scraps of paper how much I need to save and what things I can cut out of our budget so that I can have more money left at the end of the month to save.....but I need my planner to keep track!!  

So in between my naps, watching the Blue Jays and an hour with a massage therapist on Sunday (can't wait for that!), I'll be busy planning, very stylishly, the coming year in my new Stampin' Up! planner. I'll post some picture early next week.

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